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Crime scene Home Office minister Baroness Williams said the government was complying with the law and there was "no evidence" the new procedures were not working well. Image caption The Lib Dem MP said he wanted to know how people had been made aware of their rights "The rules are very clear if someone is not convicted of an offence, they have the right to request that their custody image is removed from all police databases," she told the Commons science committee However, that did not mean the images would "necessarily" be deleted because the technology did not exist to automatically erase them once criminal how you can help proceedings had ended, she said. But she insisted there were other safeguards in place, with the decision to retain images having to be signed off by a senior officer in the relevant force and the decision to retain being reviewed every six or ten years depending on the nature of the offence. The police, she added, should treat each case on its merits with regard to public safety issues. But Norman Lamb, the ex-Lib Dem minister who chairs the committee, said he did not understand why images should be kept once a case online shopping sites list was dropped or when someone was found not guilty of an offence. "I'm told that routinely images are kept still and it would require a citizen to make a request for it to be deleted," he said. "That amounts, surely, to an unlawful policy. "If the vast majority of people do not know of their right to request, actually images continue to be retained and it seems to me under the 2012 case law to be unlawful." Conservative MP Vicky Ford, who is also a member of the committee, said it was clear the police could only respond to an individual request and there was no contradiction in what ministers were saying. But Labour MP Graham Stringer questioned why DNA and fingerprint samples were capable of being destroyed if someone was not charged with an offence and yet custody images were still retained. "They are two different systems," Baroness Williams replied. A Home Office report last year found all but nine forces uploaded custody images to the database and about 50 agencies searched it, including forces in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales and organisations such as the Ministry of Defence and the National Crime Agency.

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