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“We have followed the Indian trade as it diversifies into the global economy.  “The other part is that we are, as the slogan goes, ‘a banker to every Indian’. And a large number of them are in the Indian diaspora settled across the globe.” Now, however, SBI wants to do more than simply follow its people and companies overseas. “We are trying to reposition ourselves,” Sriram says. “Not only are we supporting Indian corporates and trade across jurisdictions and geographies, we are trying to diversify our portfolio in most of those countries by looking after the local business.” That seems a big ask, putting it in ชุดเครื่องนอน ราคาโรงงาน 4 ฟุต competition with the likes of HSBC and Citi. But Sriram argues the bank has been there so long and its clients have localized themselves so intensively that it is achievable.  “We are today recognized much more as a local bank than an Indian bank,” he says. “We have the benefit of 30, 40, 50 years of experience in running banks in these countries. We want to leverage our position to do more local business as well.” Sriram says the bank’s international portfolio today is worth about $40 billion, the biggest components of which are trade finance and loan credit, worth $16 billion to $17 billion apiece. In the loan business, 60% now goes to local rather than India-based businesses. “So the mix has changed,” he says. The overall ambition is to push international banking from 15% of the total book, where it is today, to 20% over the next three years. Doing so requires bringing all international businesses up to a common standard.

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19 Momme Seamless Silk Sheet Set Color: Turquoise VANSILK™ Launches Online, Offering Top Quality Silk Bedding Products at Affordable Prices VANSILK™ has been a leading supplier of silk bedding sets, silk sheet sets to retail outlets across the globe. Recently the company has made a shift to online sales in order to make it easier for individuals and families to purchase high quality silk products. What we have always wanted was to bring this silk magic to everyone, not just wealthy customers Silk has always represented luxury. It was traded for gold and gems by kings and emperors for recordable human history. Its ethereal quality is the stuff of dreams. VANSILK™ is a long-time supplier of silk products to big box stores and other retail outlets. Recently, the company made a decision to not only offer wholesales but also retail. The website, http://www.vansilktextile.com , is an online store for silk bedding, sleepwear, underwear, and other silk accessories. The store offers affordable prices, daily deals, and discounts to make ownership of this luxury product affordable for most budgets. “We love silk.

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